How to Activate My Pogo Badge?

Many Pogo users reported issues with their badge activation. The problem occurs due to various reasons: some of them being discussed below.

Problem: Cannot Activate my Pogo badge

Users having trouble with the "What Goes Up" badge weekly badge album for the game Aces Up. The activation button in the badge album for that badge is gray (instead of the usual gold) and won't let users click on it. The issue further denies activating the challenge. No matter how much you try activating this badge either on different browsers, Safari and Chrome or try updating flash and java of your system, the issue does not go. Users are reported of not facing any other issues playing Aces Up or any other games but just this badge. It's just this one button for this one badge.

Why Pogo Badge Don’t Activate?

The reason you cannot activate the badge is because the Java based version of Aces Up! No longer exists.  Any unfinished weekly challenge badges will be automatically awarded upon completion of the rest of the challenges in the album.

Aces Up! HD (which is built in HTML5 format) has replaced the old Java version of the game.  Aces Up! HD has all new ranks and badge challenges.

How to Activate Badges When the Activate Button is Grayed Out

If you’ve activated the weekly badge in Clue, the “Activate” button on all other Clue weeklies will be grayed out — and it shouldn’t be:

  •          The "Activate" Button is Grayed Out
  •          Luckily, this is just a display bug and there’s a workaround that will let you activate your personal challenge badges in the same game as a weekly challenge anyway.]
  •          To get around the gray Activate buttons, instead click on the name of the badge you want to activate. It’ll be blue and underlined.
  •          Click on the Name of the Badge You Want to Activate
  •          From the resulting pop-up window, you’ll be able to click “Activate Challenge” here even though the other Activate button was grayed out.
  •          Click "Activate Challenge" from the pop-up window
  •          Then your personal challenge will be set to the badge you just activated.

Don't hesitate to contact again if you have any other questions regarding Pogo Badge Help.

Need Expert Help? Pogo Games Technical Support Number 

If you are facing any problem on the steps above, it is always recommended to take help from PogoSupport Number team. Since Pogo no longer have their official Pogo Tech Support over phone so it is always recommended to call on Pogo Support Phone Number given below. We have best technical support team who can resolve all your Pogo issues at just a call away.

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